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On these pages you will find all your lacrosse accessory needs.

From balls to socks, and everything in between.

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  1. East Coast 15mm Field Mesh

    ECM Field Mesh

    East Coast Mesh is coated in a secret blend of ingredients that make it outperform traditional hard mesh in every aspect. Traditional hard mesh bags out and becomes unusable in the rain. East Coast Mesh is weather resistant and repels water so your stick will always be on point. When the game is on the line, the last thing you'll have to worry about is your mesh.
    Each piece is hand coated in Baltimore, MD. All of our mesh is manufactured in the United States.

    Available in 8 colors Learn More

  2. East Coast Mesh Black

    ECM Black

    ECM BLACK is high performance wax lacrosse mesh, infused with an entirely new wax formula to provide superior performance. It provides all of the benefits of wax mesh without the waxy feel.

    See the image below for the differences between East Coast Mesh and ECM Black.

    Each piece is made in American and coated in Baltimore, MD. Learn More

  3. Harrow K85 Backpack

    Harrow K85 backpack

    K85 Backpack

    This durable backpack features a padded laptop pocket, large main pocket, and convenient front pockets. Learn More

  4. Hero Mesh

    Hero Mesh

    HeroMesh was engineered to provide players with the ultimate level of feel and control. By combining our new LTH FibersTM and HyperWeaveTM technology, we were able to make a super lightweight mesh with all weather performance. Now it’s your turn to Be ELITE.

    Weatherproof – Our new LTH FibersTM are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or contract in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.

    HyperWeaveTM – HyperWeaveTM is our super tight knit pattern, which creates perfectly shaped diamonds and adds texture for increased feel and control.

    Lightweight – LTH FibersTM are extremely lightweight and durable. This translates to increased feel and faster shots, without compromising strength.

    Responsive – HeroMesh is engineered with a semi-soft feel, which allows your pocket to move with the ball as you catch, cradle, pass, and shoot.

    HeroMesh is made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax. Learn More

  5. Hero Strings

    Hero Strings

    HeroStrings are engineered with performance in mind. The sidewall strings are tightly woven and will not loosen or lose tension, while the shooters are soft yet durable for a smooth, accurate release. The shooting nylons have a similar feel as the shooters, but are thinner and stiffer for a snappy release. Now it’s your turn to Be ELITE.

    Weatherproof – HeroStrings are woven with a hydrophobic fiber, allowing them to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

    LockTecTM – Our textured strings feature LockTecTM, which keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension.

    Durable – All HeroStrings are made with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity.


    3 Shooting Strings
    2 Shooting Nylons
    5 Sidewall Strings
    1 Self-tapping screw
    HeroStrings are made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax. Learn More

  6. Lizard Skins Lacrosse Wrap

    Lizard Skins Lacrosse Wrap

    DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) Lacrosse wrap was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes and DSP Bat Wrap for baseball bats. Utilizing our knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative lacrosse wrap.

    Lizard Skins DSP is unique to the touch with the right combination of softness and tackiness. Our lacrosse wrap is engineered with a strategic pattern to ensure non-slip performance and consistent control in all weather conditions. Our lacrosse wrap reduces vibration and produces a comfortable, cushioned feel. Great comfort, however, doesn’t mean sacrificing control. Our slip-resistant lacrosse wrap reduces stress on the hands and body enabling players to lighten their grip pressure.

    Product Features:
    Available in 0.5 mm thickness
    Designed to improve the performance of any lacrosse stick
    Optimized feel & control (slip resistant)
    39 inches in length with pre-cut ends
    Includes DSP finishing tape
    Available in Multiple Colors
    Full adhesive back Learn More

  7. Maverik Kastle Bag

    Maverik Kastle Bag

    Maverik Kastle Bag

    Maverik's top of the line equipment bag that has everything the elite player needs

    New top zip venting-entire compartment opens for airing out your gear

    multiple compartments to keep your gear accessible Learn More

  8. Maverik Sidekick Bag

    Maverik Sidekick Bag

    Out of stock

    The Side Kick features a padded laptop case, with top pocket with storage for all your tech accessories, and a passport pocket for your top secret information.

    Extra comfy padding on the straps, in case your laptop has cement components, or your passport has a lot of stamps.

    Learn More

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