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Men's Handles

Men's Lacrosse Handles


Attack/Midfield, Defense or Goalie, we have shaft options for you.

From Aluminum to Titanium, and everything in between.

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If you buy a head and a handle, you will receive a 10% discount.

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  1. STX Stallion SC A/M Handle

    STX Stallion SC Black

    Built with Scandium alloy for lightweight strength

    Shaft Lock (patent pending) technology provides a more secure connection
    between head and handle, reducing head rattle

    Mild sandblast finish Learn More

  2. STX Stallion SC-TI Handle

    STX Stallion SC-TI - Gun Metal

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price: $90.00

    Run Without Reins

    *     Successor to the most popular handle in the game.

    *     High strength, lightweight design for strength and stability for all around players.

    *     Thicker wall provides better durability

    *     Stronger than Scandium and lighter than Titanium,

    *     Manufacturer's Limited 6 Month Warranty

    Learn More

  3. STX Surgeon Handle

    Surgeon Platinum

    High-strength 9000 series alloy

    Thinner wall for lightweight performance

    Mild sandblast finish Learn More

  4. STX Surgeon SC Handle

    Surgeon SC Handle

    Built with Scandium alloy blend, making it our lightest handle to date
    New Precision Profile (Extreme Concave Octagon) for superior finger and thumb placement and enhanced control
    Accufinish™ provides a permanent and aggressive texture to the Surgeon handles, using our new Advanced Abrasion Blast, for the superior grip needed for precise accuracy Learn More

  5. STX Surgeon SC-TI Handle

    STX Surgeon SC-TI - Platinum

    Dissect Your Opponent!

    *     Same great SC-TI material, but with a thinner wall for for the player that demands ultra-lightweitgh strength.

    *     Designed for players who want maximum control and pinpoint accuracy.

    *     Lightweight performance that does not compromise strength.

    *     Stronger than Scandium and lighter than Titanium.

    Learn More

  6. Under Armour Baltiflage SC Attack Handle - 2T2

    Under Armour Baltifage SC Handle

    Regular Price: $114.99

    Special Price: $70.00

    Features super strong Scandium enhanced alloy.

    Strong scalloped shape improves strength-to-weight ratio.

    "Screw-Fit" End Cap

    Weight - 5.06 oz Learn More

  7. Under Armour Player SC-TI Handle - 2T2

    Under Armour Player SC-TI Handle

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price: $80.00

    * Features super strong Scandium/Titanium enhanced alloy.

    * Strong scalloped shaped improves strength to weight ratio.

    * Textured grip for improved control.

    * Comes with upgraded "Screw Fit" end cap.

    * Attack weight - 5.03 oz.
    Learn More

  8. Under Armour Revenant TI Attack Handle - 2T2

    Under Armour Revenant TI Handle

    Features strong Titanium enhanced alloy.

    Traditional octagonal profile.

    Comes with upgraded "Screw Fit" end cap.

    Attack weight - 5.25 oz.

    Learn More

  9. WARRIOR Analog

    Warrior Analog

    Warrior Analog Lacrosse Shaft

    Get off to a great start in your lacrosse experience with this stick made from lightweight Alloy 6000 material.

    Affordable option for players just learning the game

    Dominate from the get go!

    Learn More

  10. Warrior Burn Handle

    Burn  Handles

    Powered by Kryptolyte, Warriors bestselling performance alloy, the Burn Tactical features raised grip on the lower part of the shaft to imitate a taped handle without the added weight. If you are a player who likes a lot of grip or plays in wet conditions then the Burn Tactical Shaft is ideal for you.

    This shaft is powered by Warriors bestselling performance alloy, Kryptolyte. This shaft is perfect for both offensive and defensive players who want the legendary Warrior Burn speed. Learn More

  11. Warrior Burn Diamond Handle

    Burn Diamond Handle

    Warrior's most popular alloy now with a premium grip.

    Powered by Kryptolyte – Warrior’s most popular alloy
    Diamond Grip - sandblasted texture embedded directly into the handle provides great touch and never wears off
    Simple, premium graphic treatment Learn More

  12. Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Handle

    Burn Pro Diamond

    Burn Pro Diamond
    Warrior's first shaft built for pure speed
    Built with Krypto Pro, Warrior's lightest - and legendary - alloy
    Premium Diamond Grip texture coating gives you the perfect touch in any field conditions Learn More

  13. Warrior Burn Pro Handle

    Burn Pro Handle

    New Warrior Burn pro Lacrosse shaft!

    Burn it Up!.

    Legendary Warrior burn speed , now in a handle.

    Powered by Krypto Pro Alloy , making it the lightest Warrior shaft.

    Premium anodized graphic won't wear off during game play Learn More

  14. Warrior Dolo

    Warrior Dolo Lacrosse Handle

    Warrior Dolo Lacrosse Handle

    We combined the strength of Titanium with the extreme lightweight properties of the Krypto Pro handles to create one of the baddest handle series on the planet.

    Warrior’s exclusive Altium Alloy used in the Dolomite series sets new standards for strength-to-weight ratio in handles.

    Super Tough, Super Light, all hail the Warrior Dolomite.

    Learn More

  15. Warrior Dolomite 13 Handle-Attack/Midfield

    Warrior Dolomite 13 Handle-Attack/Midfield

    Warrior Dolomite 13 Handle

    Warrior’s exclusive Altium Alloy is a hybrid that combines the strength of titanium with the insane light weight properties of the Krypto Pro.

    Warrior’s exclusive Altium Alloy used in the Dolomite series sets new standards for strength-to-weight ratio in handles.

    Comes with a six-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects Learn More

  16. Warrior Evo Composite Handle

    warrior EVO AX1 handle

    Out of stock

    The most advanced lacrosse handle the sport has ever seen.
    Composite construction perfected for a decade in our hockey business with the NHL
    AXYSYM technology for maximum recoil with minimal effort
    Slick grip provides strategic texture without unnecessary weight
    Velvet touch finish for premium feel and control on your passes and shots Learn More

  17. WARRIOR Kryptolyte 11

    WARRIOR Kryptolyte 11

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price: $60.00

    Warrior Kryptolyte 11

    Without a doubt, the most popular handle series in lacrosse.

    Lightweight, strong and dead sexy.

    Made from high-grade C-405 aluminum alloy and formed into Warrior's exclusive Kung Fu grip.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Learn More

  18. Warrior Platinum 14 handle

    Warrior Platinum 14 handle

    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price: $45.00

    Warrior Platinum Shaft

    Features: Platinum Grade construction: 2x stronger than standard aluminum alloy

    Zonal grip - raised grip in key areas, from the bottom of the shaft up Ideal for those looking for extra grip, not extra tape Learn More

  19. Warrior Regulator Handle

    Regulator16 Handle

    For the player looking to take their game to the next level, the Warrior Regulator shaft is the handle for you. Complete with the new Power die shape that provides a superior grip on your handle while also reducing torqueing. Topped off with a sleek chrome finish and a shaft Regulator graphic, you will be looking fresh out on the field. Learn More

  20. Warrior Regulator Tactical Handle

    Regutator Tactical

    NEW Power die shape for superior grip and reduced torquing
    Soft coat Tactical Grip for a tacky feel in all weather conditions

    Tactical Grip - Strategically placed rubberized grip stays tacky in any weather conditions Learn More

  21. Wonderboy - 2013

    Maverik Wonderboy

    Regular Price: $84.00

    Special Price: $70.00

    Maverik’s original stick, the Wonderboy

    • Forged from Maverik’s 9000-Series aluminum/titanium alloy

    • Offers a combination of strength, lightness, durability and appearance.

    • It’s the premier Maverik weapon for establishing your game.


    Learn More

Items 26 to 46 of 46 total

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