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Men's Handles

Men's Lacrosse Handles


Attack/Midfield, Defense or Goalie, we have shaft options for you.

From Aluminum to Titanium, and everything in between.

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If you buy a head and a handle, you will receive a 10% discount.

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  1. 1 Lacrosse Cutter Elite Shaft

    1 Lacrosse Cutter Elite

    Regular Price: $115.00

    Special Price: $69.99

    ■1 Lacrosse exclusive alloy, developed with True Temper

    ■Proven 20% stronger than Scandium handles on the market

    ■Greatest strength to weight ratio in the game

    ■12-20 grams lighter than higher priced Scandium shafts

    1 Lacrosse exclusive alloy, SC+20 is proven to be 20% stronger than other Scandium handles on the market.
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  2. Adidas 111 Handle

    Adidas 111 Handle - Columbia Blue

    Regular Price: $103.00

    Special Price: $50.00

    Formulated to provide maximum durability against the extreme point impacts experienced during a game, while maintaining extreme light weight.

    3D Graphics with ghost detailing and matte-tak finish provides just the right amount of grip for all weather conditions.

    Traditional Octagonal Shape. Learn More

  3. Brine F-15 Handle

    Brine F-15 '11 Handle

    Out of stock

    Brine F-15 Handle

    • 7001 series alloy with updated graphics.

    • Perfect upgrade from a 6000 series handle.


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  4. Brine Scandium Defense Handle

    Brine Scandium

    Regular Price: $160.00

    Special Price: $99.00

  5. Defense Length Only

  6. Super light weight handle with new radical graphic

  7. High-end Scandium blend helps to deliver a Superlight handle with superior strength


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  • Gait 803 - 2012

    Gait 803 Lacrosse Handle

    Out of stock

    New Graphics for 2012

    ◦High-strength alloy with partial decal finish

    ◦Extremely lightweight

    ◦Scandium-enhanced for durability

    Manufacturer's 6 Month Limited Warranty
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  • GAIT 803 Ice

    Gait 803 Ice

    803 Titanium Enhanced Alloy.

    Etched surface means no tape needed. Learn More

  • HARROW "D" Pole

    Harrow "D"

    Regular Price: $160.00

    Special Price: $80.00

    Out of stock

    Composite construction of the defense shaft provides a balanced blend of strength, weight and flexibility.
    Rubberized finish added for optimum control and grip. Learn More

  • Maverik A1 Shaft

    Maverik A1

    Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shaft

    MAVERIK R&D is proud to present the brand new A1 shaft.

    Made from the proprietary A1Rium material, this baby is light and powerful.

    With the brand new Grit Grip, you’ll never want to let it go.

    •  Bead-blasted GritGrip technology gives you enhanced stick control
    •  Coming in at a mere 5.4 ounces, its a light weight precision tool
    •  Brand new A1Rium material has the strength and durability every player needs

    Manufacturer's Warranty

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  • Maverik H2 Shaft

    Maverik H2 Shaft

    Regular Price: $104.00

    Special Price: $70.00

    Our elite soldiers needed lightweight and unsurpassed durability, so the Maverik soldiers came up with this titanium and scandium blend of alloys.

    Our R&D team literally needed to sit down, collect themselves and change their shorts after testing it.

    H2 Scandium is the most durable, lightweight shaft they had ever tested.

    It is the best-feeling stick on the market. Learn More

  • Maverik Range Handle

    maverik range Defense handle

    Out of stock

    Maverik Range Shaft

    This shaft delivers an elite strength to weight ratio at a great value

    Our R&D team made this handle stronger than the industry standard 7075

    8000 series alloy, setting the new standard for value shafts

    GRITGRIP technology for increased grip without adding weight Learn More

  • STX Amp

    STX Amp Handle

    6000 Series Aluminum Handle.

    Recomended for new players.

    Classic Octagonal shape for smooth transition.

    Learn More

  • STX Scandium Pro

    STX Scandium Pro

    Regular Price: $156.00

    Special Price: $99.00

    Exclusive STX Alloy.

    The lightest weight handle material in lacrosse.

    Concave edges provide an ideal grip and feel.

    Manufacturer's 6 Month Limited Warranty. Learn More

  • STX Surgeon SC-TI Handle

    STX Surgeon SC-TI - Platinum

    Regular Price: $140.00

    Special Price: $90.00

    Dissect Your Opponent!

    *     Same great SC-TI material, but with a thinner wall for for the player that demands ultra-lightweitgh strength.

    *     Designed for players who want maximum control and pinpoint accuracy.

    *     Lightweight performance that does not compromise strength.

    *     Stronger than Scandium and lighter than Titanium.

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  • Under Armour Revenant TI Attack Handle - 2T2

    Under Armour Revenant TI Handle

    Features strong Titanium enhanced alloy.

    Traditional octagonal profile.

    Comes with upgraded "Screw Fit" end cap.

    Attack weight - 5.25 oz.

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  • WARRIOR Analog

    Warrior Analog

    Out of stock

    Warrior Analog Lacrosse Shaft

    Get off to a great start in your lacrosse experience with this stick made from lightweight Alloy 6000 material.

    Affordable option for players just learning the game

    Dominate from the get go!

    Learn More

  • Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond

    Warrior Kryptolite Diamond - Red

    Out of stock

    Often imitated never duplicated, Warrior’s exclusive Diamond texture gives you superior grip throughout the entire length of the shaft

    Krypto Pro Alloy is one if the lightest handles on the planet

    Comes with a six-month limited warranty against manufacturing defects
    Learn More

  • WARRIOR Kryptolyte 14

    WARRIOR Kryptolyte 14

    Warrior Kryptolyte 14

    Without a doubt, the most popular handle series in lacrosse.

    Lightweight, strong and new graphics for 2014.

    Made from high-grade C-405 aluminum alloy and formed into Warrior's exclusive Kung Fu grip.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Learn More

  • WARRIOR Titan Classic

    Warrior Titan Classic

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price: $89.00

    Out of stock

    A true warrior of the handle line, the Titan Classic embodies the original design of the first Warrior titanium handle that revolutionized the game back in '93.

    Made from some of the strongest titanium on the planet it is one of the most durable lacrosse handles ever created. Learn More

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