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  1. 2012 Harrow T.IX Tapered Shaft

    Harrow Title IX Tapered Shaft

    The first Women's shaft made with high grade composites.

    The T.IX is durable, yet lightweight, with a rubberized grip that provides all weather control.

    Our unique flex-stress point ideally located within the shaft so as to maximize power when shooting or passing

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  2. 2015 Harrow T.IX Straight Shaft

    2015 Harrow T.IX Straight Shaft

    Similar in design to the T.IX Tapered, but without the stress-flex point.

    Our one-of-a-kind rubberized grip provides all weather control and unmatched comfort while our high grade composite construction allows for long lasting durability.
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  3. HARROW 300i

    HARROW 300i

    Regular Price: $145.00

    Special Price: $72.50

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    The rubberized surface provides optimal grip, while the internal rib gives increased strength and stability never before seen. Learn More

  4. Harrow C4 Lacrosse Handle

    C4 Tapered Lacrosse Handle

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price: $49.00

    C4 Shafts Are Solidly Engineered for the Relentless Demands of Collegiate & High-School Players. Rubberized Matte Finish is Soft on Your Hands and Tough on Cold Temperatures. Constructed with Technora Fiber for Maximum Strength and Minimum Weight.

    - 80% Glass fiber, 15% Carbon fiber, 5% Technora Learn More

  5. HARROW Groove

    HARROW Groove

    Regular Price: $109.00

    Special Price: $30.00

    Whether you are a defender, midfielder, or attacker, the unique handle on the Groove Shaft provides the most advanced control of any stick in the game. Learn More

  6. Harrow K-Fource Skinny Handle

    K-Fource Handle

    Designed by Katrina Dowd with a fierce attacker in mind, the KFource Skinny Lacrosse Shaft is the lightest shaft on the market. With its sleek design and strong build, this shaft can help to increase ball speed leaving the pocket, while also sustaining tough checks from defenders when driving to goal. Coming in four eye popping colors, the KFource Skinny Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect shaft for an elite attacker. Pair this shaft with the Ultralite Lacrosse Head to get the lightest lacrosse stick on the market!

    - 31.5” in Length
    - High Grade Composite Construction
    - Lightest Shaft on the Market
    - All Weather Control Learn More

  7. HARROW P Series Handle

    Harrow P-Series Handle

    New series of Harrow handles takes your performance to the next level.

    Tapered section provides power to your shots and passing.

    Composite construction means consistent temperatures in both summer and winter. Learn More

  8. HARROW Title IX I-Beam

    Harrow I-Beam Handle

    Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price: $60.00

    This shaft is made of carbon graphite, to be extra light and strong.

    Designed with a unique stress-flex point that maximizes power when passing and shooting.

    6 Month, 1 time replacement Manufacturer's Warranty. Learn More

  9. HARROW Title IX Straight

    HARROW Title IX Straight

    Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price: $60.00

    Patent-pending rubberized grip provides all-weather control and comfort.
    6 Month, 1 time replacement Manufacturer's Warranty.
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