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Women's Lacrosse Sticks

All sticks listed on this page are Complete Sticks, unless otherwise specified.

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  1. Brine Dynasty Elite II Strung Head

    Dynasty Elite II

    Victory is sweet

    Featuring Core-Tech™ for weight reduction and Mirror-Tech™ along the top rail for reduced bar thickness & reinforced stiffness on ground balls
    Enhanced sweet spot with new sidewall design raises the control angle for improved pocket formation at the sweet spot and quick release
    New Flex Pocket features Grid-Flex design which allows the ball to sit naturally in the sweet spot of the pocket
    Meets US Lacrosse specifications Learn More

  2. Brine Dynasty Elite Strung Head

    Dynasty Elite Strung head

    Ladies, it’s okay to be offensive, and the Dynasty Elite is just that. Infused with Core-Tech for reduced weight and a maximum release for more powerful shots – it’s the head attackers love and goalies fear.

    TruOffset® increases ball control and shot power while on attack
    Maximum release for maximum power shots
    Utilizes CORE-TECH™ for weight reduction without compromising strength
    Bottom rail string holes create the perfect pocket and channel
    Super V-Scoop grants you pinpoint accuracy in shooting and passing
    Meets US Lacrosse specifications Learn More

  3. Brine Dynasty Rise Complete Stick

    Brine Dynasty Rise Stick

    Every dynasty starts with a small step. This is for the beginner who wants to learn with an easier curve, made to perfect every part of the beginning process from shooting to catching and everything in between.

    This head is just shy of maximum TruOffset to help increase the pocket depth and maintain ball retention for beginners.
    Wider face for increased surface area when learning to catch.
    Updated sidewall bars for increased stiffness in areas needed most on ground ball pick-ups. Learn More

  4. Brine Dynasty Rise Starter Kit

    Brine Dynasty Rise Starter Kit

    Part of the Dynasty Collection, this complete stick is for the beginner who is eager to learn. It features increased pocket depth, a wider face and updated sidewall bars that all combine to help new players control, catch and scoop the ball with greater ease.
    WOMEN'S LACROSSE 101 Learn More

  5. Brine Dynasty Strung Head

    Dynasty Strung head

    It’s time you built something special. Reintroducing the popular heritage A1, a popular member of the Dynasty family to intermediate and elite athletes everywhere.

    Provides a great weight-to-power ratio for the intermediate player looking to perfect her shooting and catching.
    Maximum release stick makes this one of the most powerful shooting sticks in the line.
    Super V-Scoop creates maximum accuracy in shooting and passing.
    TruOffset increases ball control Learn More

  6. Brine Empress Strung Head

    Empress Strung Head

    Your team’s legacy starts here. The empress stick is defensively designed to combine power and control, letting you rule the field with force.

    Long and narrow face shape creates a pocket channel dedicated to control and handling
    Sidewall structure and design boosts stiffness and creates the flex points defenders crave
    The Empress stands tall as the most powerful stick in its class
    Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications Learn More

  7. Brine Mantra 3 Strung Head

    Mantra 3 Strung Head

    When the crowd starts to chant, you’re doing something right. This is the most advanced, peak controlled stick for all-around players at both ends of the field.

    Have ultimate control with a curved top-to-bottom sidewall design that provides a consistent pocket depth.
    The rounded ballstop area provides ultimate ball retention.
    New Mirror-Tech creates symmetry in the sidewall rails, reducing thickness and maintaining strength.
    Maximum TruOffset increases ball control and power. Learn More

  8. Brine Reign

    Brine Reign

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $40.00

    * Extreme Offset™ allows the ball to sit deeper in the pocket for superior control and feel

    * Patent pending tail drop provides ultimate protection when carrying the ball on the ball stop

    * Angled U scoop for easy ground ball pick ups and accuracy

    * New Control Angle provides unmatched ball control

    * Raised stringing holes create the perfect pocket shape and give incredible stiffness

    * Meets US Lacrosse specifications Learn More

  9. Mantra Rise Complete Stick

    Mantra Rise Purple

    Control the field

    Low sidewall design for superb pocket formation
    TruOffset® for increased ball control
    Flatter scoop for easier ground ball pickup
    Meets US Lacrosse and FIL Specifications Learn More

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