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Women's Lacrosse Sticks

All sticks listed on this page are Complete Sticks, unless otherwise specified.

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  1. Harrow P11 Lacrosse Head

    P11 Lacrosse head

    With a new contoured throat design, the P11 is lightweight and balanced, made for the most elite of players. The low sidewalls allow for a deeper pocket and allow players to cradle, pass and catch with ease.

    - All Weather Control
    - Meets US Lacrosse Specifications Learn More

  2. Harrow Prime 7

    Harrow Prime 7

    The extreme low profile sidewall design creates the ideal pocket depth, allowing for maximum ball protection and control.

    The aerodynamic scoop maximizes your range when channeling ground balls.

    With its lightweight and balanced design, the Prime is made for performance.

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  3. Harrow ULTRALight

    Harrow ULTRALight Women's Lacrosse Stick

    Regular Price: $112.00

    Special Price: $89.00

    As low as: $79.00

    The ULTRA-Light has the most immediate off-set in the game, allowing for maximum scoop depth and superior control.

    The off-set head technology increases handling and shot accuracy to make the Ultralight a great all around head for every level of play.
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