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Women's Lacrosse Sticks

All sticks listed on this page are Complete Sticks, unless otherwise specified.

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  1. Assert Women's Stick

    Assert Women's Stick

    2T2 Innovation Lacrosse

    Assert Women's Lacrosse Stick

    • Medium width silhouette allows for both great control and catching ability

    • U shape scoop gives best accuracy for shooting and passing

    • Available in the new Illusion pocket for the ultimate feel and control

    2T2 Warranty Information

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  2. Brine Reign

    Brine Reign

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $40.00

    * Extreme Offset™ allows the ball to sit deeper in the pocket for superior control and feel

    * Patent pending tail drop provides ultimate protection when carrying the ball on the ball stop

    * Angled U scoop for easy ground ball pick ups and accuracy

    * New Control Angle provides unmatched ball control

    * Raised stringing holes create the perfect pocket shape and give incredible stiffness

    * Meets US Lacrosse specifications Learn More

  3. DeBeer Defy

    DeBeer Defy

    Regular Price: $82.00

    Special Price: $40.00

    As low as: $28.00

    New narrow profile channels pocket for better control and accuracy.

    Raised sidewall holes increase pocket depth.

    Complete Stick comes with a Z-09 Alloy Handle. Learn More

  4. Debeer Fierce Complete Stick

    Debeer Fierce

    Features the patented Gripper Pro pocket for improved ball control and enhanced pocket shape
    Lower sidewall allows for increased pocket depth
    Improved ground attack angle, in the scop, for better ground ball pick up
    Radical sideawll design for improved ball control and pocket formation
    Patent pending recessed lace channels for improved durability
    Traditional offset design helps lower center of gravity for improved cradling ability
    Maximum ball stop height for easy catch and cradling
    Recessed sidewall stringing holes helps pocket swivel, which improves control and accuracy
    Meet USL specifications Learn More

  5. Debeer NV3 Complete Stick

    Debeer NV3

    Traditional offset sidewall provides great feel and control
    Patent pending recessed lace channels prevents wear on the top lace while improves ease of scooping
    6.5 degree raised ball stop improves control, ball retention, and catching ability
    Maximum travel creates a large pocket depth for improved control
    Complete stick comes with deBeer's revolutionary gripper pocket that offers unmatched performance benefits
    Meets USL specifications Learn More

  6. DeBeer Rapture Head

    DeBeer Rapture

    Legal For Play: USLTM

    • Narrow scoop that increases velocity and accuracy

    • Low sidewall for increased pocket depth

    • Notched sidewall increases pocket movement and ball control

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  7. DeBeer Trinity Complete Stick

    DeBeer Trinity

    Large catching area helps newer players learn to catch.
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  8. Harrow P11 Lacrosse Head

    P11 Lacrosse head

    With a new contoured throat design, the P11 is lightweight and balanced, made for the most elite of players. The low sidewalls allow for a deeper pocket and allow players to cradle, pass and catch with ease.

    - All Weather Control
    - Meets US Lacrosse Specifications Learn More

  9. Harrow Prime 7

    Harrow Prime 7

    The extreme low profile sidewall design creates the ideal pocket depth, allowing for maximum ball protection and control.

    The aerodynamic scoop maximizes your range when channeling ground balls.

    With its lightweight and balanced design, the Prime is made for performance.

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  10. Harrow ULTRALight

    Harrow ULTRALight Women's Lacrosse Stick

    Regular Price: $112.00

    Special Price: $89.00

    As low as: $79.00

    The ULTRA-Light has the most immediate off-set in the game, allowing for maximum scoop depth and superior control.

    The off-set head technology increases handling and shot accuracy to make the Ultralight a great all around head for every level of play.
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  11. Maverik Twist Starter Set

    Maverik Twist Starter Set

    Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it won’t perform. The Twist Beginner Package ensures players just joining the game will have what they need to perform when they need. The highly versatile Twist bag has space for all your gear on and off the field.

    Flat nylon splice lace that provides ultimate forgiveness in pocket. while retaining shape consistency. Large surface area for ease of ground ball pick up and catching. Cut line indicates the minimal length complete stick can measure.

    ASTM Certified for Lacrosse. Poly frame for light weight and maximum comfort. Antimicrobial foam for odor control.

    Multi-purpose stick bag with large main compartment for all your gear. Holds up to two sticks. Small front compartment for mouth guard and small items. Padded adjustable straps for close and comfortable fit.
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  12. STX AVA Complete Stick

    STX AVA Complete Stick

    Entry level stick with high end style

    Flat style scoop for easier ground ball pick up

    Wide pocket profile for easy catching

    Meets FIL specifications

    Learn More

  13. STX Crux

    STX Crux

    · Multiple bottom rail string holes for stringing and pocket options.

    · Raised ball stop and maximum angle for ball protection when handling upright.

    · Extreme scoop angle providing the most whip and accuracy you can have on a straight head.

    * Complete Stick comes on a STX Aluminum Handle Learn More

  14. STX Crux 100 Complete Stick

    STX Crux 100

    Sidewall design reduces weight without sacrificing strength
    STX Forward Cant™
    Complete stick includes 6000 handle
    Meets FIL specifications when used with STX Precision Pocket™
    Formerly Nova head Learn More

  15. STX Crux 300 Strung Head

    STX Crux 300 SHO

    Extreme scoop angle provides added snap
    Runway Pocket™ is a unique, overlapping center string system allowing the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball
    Minimum sidewall height for deepest legal pocket Learn More

  16. STX Exult 300 Strung Head Only

    STX Exult 300 Strung Head

    Scoop angle provides whip and accuracy on a straight head
    Runway Pocket™ is a unique, overlapping center string system allowing the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball
    Flexible scoop for easy ground ball pick up
    Stiff sidewalls for stability and control
    Multiple string holes for a variety of stringing and pocket options Learn More

  17. STX Exult10 Lacrosse Stick

    STX Exult 10

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price: $85.00

    STX Exult10 Women's Lacrosse Stick

    Designed for Elite Midfielders

    • 10 º technology drives the ball to the sweet spot, for the quickest release.

    • Lowest legal sidewalls provide superior control and handling.

    • Elastomer overmold used in the lower half, to eliminate ball rattle.

    • Wider face increases surface area for interception and reception of difficult passes.

    • Complete stick comes with a lever 10 º handle

    Warranty Information

    Learn More

  18. STX Girl's Starter Pack

    STX Girl's Starter Pack

    Stick - STX Level
    Goggles - STX 4-Sight+ Youth
    Bag - STX Essential Stick Bag
    Meets FIL Specifications

    White Stick comes with Pink Goggles and Bag.
    Blue Stick comes with Blue Goggles and Bag.
    Pink Stick comes with Pink Goggles and Bag.
    Black Stick comes with Grey Goggles and Black Bag.
    Purple Stick comes with Grey Goggles and Purple Bag.
    Learn More

  19. STX Stingray

    STX Stingray

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price: $20.00

    Increased catching area provides more give. Tighter pocket at release point increases throwing accuracy. Learn More

  20. STX Tilt

    STX Tilt

    Lowest legal sidewall allows for the deepest, legal pocket. Learn More

  21. STX Xen 10 Strung Head Only

    STX Xen 10 Strung Head Only

    Regular Price: $134.00

    Special Price: $30.00

    As low as: $20.00

    Elastomer mold with 10 degree bend, lowest legal sidewall allowed. Overmold promotes more accurate passing and shooting.
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