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  1. Official Game Ball


    Official Lacrosse Ball.
    Learn More

  2. Maverik Storm Bag

    Maverik Storm bag

    Maverik Storm Bag

    Newest bag in the Maverik Line

    Dual Compartment Stick bag that can hold up to two sticks

    Vented Shoe Compartment

    Padded laptop sleeve

    3 Zipper pockets for small items Learn More

  3. Maverik Theory Handle

    Maverik Theory handle

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price: $50.00

    Maverik Theory Handle

    7/8 Rounded Ocatagon

    Lightweight Composite

    Extra grip end cap, with extended lip so it won't fall off, no tape needed Learn More

  4. Maverik Jackson Hole Shorts

    Maverik Jackson Hole Shorts

    Maverik Rising Sun Shorts


    XS-L Learn More

  5. Maverik Rising Sun Shorts

    Maverik Rising Sun Shorts

    Maverik Rising Sun Shorts


    S-L Learn More

  6. Maverik Metrik

    Maverik Metrik

    Out of stock

    Maverik Metrik Men's Lacrosse Head


    The Metric is the brand new head from MAVERIK R&D designed for pure simple performance.
    • Narrow throat width for ball control
    • Dual Design Scoop,MADE in USA
    • 17 stringing holes for custom pocket options
    • Meets NFHS specs

    Want to Customize your head with a custom stringing? Click Here

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    Learn More

  7. Lancers Equipment Package

    Lancers Equipment Package

    From: $90.00

    To: $163.00

    Lancers Equipment Package

    Choose the entire Bad Boy or Stinger Protective Lines, or mix and match.

    Don't forget to choose your helmet.

    Learn More

  8. Wonderboy - 2013

    Maverik Wonderboy

    Regular Price: $84.00

    Special Price: $70.00

    Maverik’s original stick, the Wonderboy

    • Forged from Maverik’s 9000-Series aluminum/titanium alloy

    • Offers a combination of strength, lightness, durability and appearance.

    • It’s the premier Maverik weapon for establishing your game.


    Learn More

  9. Youth Starter Package

    Starter Package 1

    Youth Starter Package

    Perfect for the New Youth or Middle School Player

    Package Includes:

    Cascade CPV Helmet - (Add To Cart For Special Price)

    STX Stinger Shoulder Pads

    STX Stinger Arm Pads

    Maverik Bad Boy Gloves

    Add an STX AV8-U for $30.00

    Learn More

  10. Maverik Wonderboy Glove

    Maverik Wonderboy glove

    Maverik Wonderboy Glove

    The newest edition to the Empire Family, designed for the player who demands elite performance

    Durastretch tapered gussets for maximum flexibility

    Thermoblast liner coating for anti-moisture wicking

    Available in 12" or 13" Learn More

  11. Maverik Wonderboy Arm Pads

    Maverik Wonderboy arm pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Arm Pads

    For the Middie with multiple jobs to do, protect and defend yourself with this lightweight Arm Pad

    Medium and Large

    White or Black Learn More

  12. Maverik Twist Starter Set

    Maverik Twist Starter Set

    Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it won’t perform. The Twist Beginner Package ensures players just joining the game will have what they need to perform when they need. The highly versatile Twist bag has space for all your gear on and off the field.

    Flat nylon splice lace that provides ultimate forgiveness in pocket. while retaining shape consistency. Large surface area for ease of ground ball pick up and catching. Cut line indicates the minimal length complete stick can measure.

    ASTM Certified for Lacrosse. Poly frame for light weight and maximum comfort. Antimicrobial foam for odor control.

    Multi-purpose stick bag with large main compartment for all your gear. Holds up to two sticks. Small front compartment for mouth guard and small items. Padded adjustable straps for close and comfortable fit.
    Learn More

  13. Maverik Mini Monster Bag

    Maverik Mini Monster bag

    Maverik Mini Monster Bag

    The perfect bag for kids with a big game and a little body

    heavy duty construction

    solid colors Learn More

  14. Maverik Monster Bag

    Maverik Monster bag

    Maverik Monster Bag

    The classic Bag for old school lax players, no bells, whistles, just a classic bag

    Dimensions 15x40x15

    solid colors and camo Learn More

  15. Maverik Charger Shoulder Pads

    Maverik Charger Shoulder pads

    Maverik Charger Shoulder Pads

    Great protection for that lacrosse newby

    neck padding for comfort

    adjustable straps for a great fit

    XS-M Learn More

  16. Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder Pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder Pads

    Great protection without the bulkiness Learn More

  17. Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pads

    Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads

    Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pads

    Pushes the limit of protection and innovation, takes the beating and keeps you moving

    Shark Gel

    Durastretch Learn More

  18. Maverik Charger Arm Pad

    Maverik Charger Arm Pad

    Maverik Charger Arm Pad

    For the future stars of tomorrow. The Charger is protective and comfortable

    fully adjustable with velcro straps

    comfortable inner liner

    Black only

    Sizes XS-M Learn More

  19. Maverik Wonderboy Elbow Pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Elbow Pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Elbow Pads

    Built for the player looking for maximum protection with the least amount of coverage

    Medium and Large

    White and Black Learn More

  20. Maverik Bull

    Maverik Bull

    Regular Price: $82.00

    Special Price: $40.00

    As low as: $30.00

    Paul Rabil designed this lightweight and well-balanced high performance head to meet his insane speed needs.

    Using Maverik's advanced Mo-Control Geometry he infused his personal touches to make the ultimate head.

    Its slightly rounded scoop makes the head's accuracy pinpoint, and personal sidewall holes allow for super accurate pocket shapes.

    Meets NCAA and NFHS Specifications

    Want to Customize your head with a custom stringing?

    Click Here

    Learn More

  21. McDowell Youth Package

    McDowell Lacrosse

    From: $102.00

    To: $149.00

    Custom Equipment Package

    Custom Equipment Package for Erie McDowell Youth Lacrosse

    This is recommended equipment, but feel free to choose any other items from the web site.

    Learn More

  22. Maverik Bad Boy Gloves

    Maverik Bad Boy Gloves

    Perfect for player's new to the game, looking for protection and style.

    Bad Boys are lightweight, with a comfortable fit and a seamless palm.

    Comfort fit membrane lining to wick away moisture.
    Learn More

  23. Maverik Maybach Attack Arm Guard

    Maybach Attack Arm Guard

    Regular Price: $84.00

    Special Price: $50.00

    Like the Maybach glove, this arm guard offers maximum flex, comfort and protection, and uses all new DILLO flex, so it bends with your elbow without any snags or snafus.

    It’s like elite attack armor, but without the weight. Learn More

  24. Maverik H2 Shaft

    Maverik H2 Shaft

    Regular Price: $104.00

    Special Price: $70.00

    Our elite soldiers needed lightweight and unsurpassed durability, so the Maverik soldiers came up with this titanium and scandium blend of alloys.

    Our R&D team literally needed to sit down, collect themselves and change their shorts after testing it.

    H2 Scandium is the most durable, lightweight shaft they had ever tested.

    It is the best-feeling stick on the market. Learn More

  25. Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    Regular Price: $109.00

    Special Price: $60.00

    Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    This brand new MAVERIK innovation contours to your body like no other pad on the market.
    •  Ergonomically designed to create realfeel
    •  DuraStretch technology offers protection and creates more channels for air flow
    •  Interior raised padding lining to minimize touch points on the skin.
    •  Adjustable collar bone protection for customized fit
    •  Straps don’t dangle so you can put your gear on yourself – because a real MAVERIK doesn’t need help dressing

    . Learn More

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