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Choose from a wide selection of Lacrosse accessories including strings, balls, mouth guards, end caps and water bottles.

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  1. 32 oz. Water Bottle

    32 oz. Water Bottle

    32 OZ. Squeeze Top Water Bottle

    Squeeze top bottles are more protective over germs and MRSA over regular bottles.

    Isn't your team worth it? Learn More

  2. 9" Orange Cone

    9" Orange Cone

    Orange Cones for practice or marking your end lines.
    Your choice of standard or saucer style. Learn More

  3. Air Horns

    Air Horns

    Out of stock

    A - Rechargeable Air Horn with Pump
    B - Standard Air Horn
    C - Standard Air Horn Refill

    Due to Federal Regulations ALL Air Horns must be shipped via Ground Shipping. No Exceptions. Learn More

  4. Brine Hypersonic Molded Cleat

    Brine Hypersonic Molded Cleat

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $25.00

    Lightest Lacrosse cleat on the market.
    Molded bottom with optimal cleat placement for traction at all foot strike angles.
    Middle cut. Learn More

  5. Brine Men's End Cap

    Brine Men's End Cap

    Out of stock

    Fits all standard size men's shafts. Lime Green, Black, Red or Navy.
    Learn More

  6. Brine Stringing Kit

    Brine Stringing Kit

    Brine String Kits
    Comes with everything you will need to string your stick, plus more. Choose your stlye.
    White Ultra Mesh, Fresh Mesh (good all weather mesh), Rail Mesh. Learn More

  7. Brine Women's End Cap

    Brine Women's End Cap

    Fits Women's diameter handles.
    Light Blue, Pink, White, Black or Green.
    Learn More

  8. Coaches Whistle

    Champion whistle w/lanyard

    One plastic whistle . Learn More

  9. Colored Hockey Lace

    Colored Hockey Lace

    33" Shooting String Hockey Lace Learn More

  10. Digital Dual Time Clock

    Digital Dual Time Clock

    Out of stock

    Digital Dual Time Clock

    • Dual jumbo 1in display

    • 24 Hour countdown/ countup timer with 1 second resolution

    • Dual memory

    • Tabletop or wall mount design

    • Clock
    Learn More

  11. Dozen Soft Practice Balls

    Dozen Soft Practice Balls

    Out of stock

    12 Soft Lacrosse Balls. Great for indoor use, or training aide. You get the feel of learning how to catch, without worrying about getting hurt (or breaking a window). Learn More

  12. East Coast Goalie Mesh

    East Coast 12D Goalie Mesh

    East Coast Mesh is coated in a secret blend of ingredients that make it outperform traditional hard mesh in every aspect. Traditional hard mesh bags out and becomes unusable in the rain. East Coast Mesh is weather resistant and repels water so your stick will always be on point. When the game is on the line, the last thing you'll have to worry about is your mesh.
    Each piece is hand coated in Baltimore, MD. All of our mesh is manufactured in the United States.

    Learn More

  13. Flip-A-Score Scoreboard

    Flip-A-Score Scoreboard

    A convenient, portable scorer for most competitive sports.

    Scores up to 99 for each team, with 4" white numbers on bright red and royal vinyl flippers.

    Numbers flip easily and lay flat with binder rings.

    Supported by a strong, triangular collapsible plastic frame. 20" long x 12" high. Learn More

  14. Gait Preformed Mesh Kit

    Gait Pre-Formed Mesh Kit

    Regular Price: $19.00

    Special Price: $9.99

    Gait Pre-Formed Hard Mesh Kit


    Pre-strung Hard Mesh Kit in a hard package that allows the pocket to retain it's shape.

    Learn More

  15. Hat Trick Special

    Hat Trick Special


    1 spool (100 yds) of Sidewall and Shooting String
    10 Hard Mesh - 2 Mega Mesh - 2 Soft Mesh
    Goalie Mesh - 2 Hard - 2 Mega - 2 Soft
    8 Leather Thongs with Slits
    60 White Hockey Laces
    20 Head Screws
    10 Ball Stops
    10 Assorted End Caps
    5 Assorted Mouthguards
    2 Rolls of White Athletic Tape
    Comes packaged in a plastic, resealable container. Learn More

  16. Head Screw

    Head Screw

    Self Tapping Head Screw.

    Screw has a drill bit on the tip of it. Never have to pre-drill again. Makes a clean new whole every time. Learn More

  17. Hero Goalie Strings

    Hero Goalie Strings

    HeroStrings are engineered with performance in mind. The sidewall strings are tightly woven and will not loosen or lose tension, while the shooters are soft yet durable for a smooth, accurate release. The shooting nylons have a similar feel as the shooters, but are thinner and stiffer for a snappy release. Now it’s your turn to Be ELITE.

    Weatherproof – HeroStrings are woven with a hydrophobic fiber, allowing them to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

    LockTecTM – Our textured strings feature LockTecTM, which keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension.

    Durable – All HeroStrings are made with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity.


    3 Shooting Strings - 66"
    1 Shooting Nylon - 66"
    4 Sidewall Strings - 66"
    1 Bottom String - 33"
    1 Self-tapping screw
    HeroStrings are made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax. Learn More

  18. Hero Mesh 12D Goalie Semi-Soft Mesh

    Hero 12D Golaie Mesh

    Time for some goalie love! 12D HeroMesh is engineered with the elite goalie in mind. HyperWeave provides accurate outlets and unmatched rebound control, while the LTH Fibers allow your pocket to be durable and lightweight. 12D HeroMesh is now available in both semi-soft and semi-hard

    12D HeroMesh is here and it is ready for you! This mesh was specifically designed to control rebounds and throw crisp, accurate outlet passes. It is already being used by some of the best goalies in the game, so why don't you try it out? Learn More

  19. Indoor Low-Bounce Ball

    Indoor Low-Bounce Ball

    Hard Ball that is deadened for little to no bounce. Perfect for those rainy days when you have to practice inside. Learn More

  20. Lacrosse Ball Bag

    Ball bag

    Heavy Duty Bag Holds 75 Lacrosse Balls

    Plastic base keeps the bag upright

    Made of durable 12000 Nylon Learn More

  21. Leather Thong w/ Slits

    Leather Thong w/ Slits

    Leather Thong w/Slits
    Used for stinging Traditional style pockets. Learn More

  22. Mesh - Field

    Mesh - Field

    Mesh - Field
    Mesh used by any player who plays on the field, other than goalie.
    Choose from stiffness and color. Learn More

  23. Mesh - Goalie

    Mesh - Goalie

    Mesh - Goalie
    Goalie Mesh - Choose Your Color and Stifness Learn More

  24. MoGo Flavored Performance Series Sports Mouthguard

    Fruit Punch

    Revolutionary flavor technology allows MoGo to add flavor to plastic, creating the world's first flavored mouthguard. The result is the freshest tasting sports mouthguard ever. The flavor is not coated or sprayed on the plastic; it is embedded into the plastic so the flavor lasts game after game after game...

    ​Exceptional design allows for maximum comfort, performance, protection & breathability
    ​The flavor is made from all-natural ingredients
    ​All flavors and materials are FDA compliant & BPA free
    ​Quick-release tether Included
    ​Not designed for braces
    $10,000 Dental Warranty

    Adult Size: 12 Years and Older
    Youth Size: 11 Years and Younger

    We Currently Carry the Black, not the Clear.


  25. Mouthguard


    With or Without Strap.
    Multiple Colors Available
    Boil for Custom Molded Fit. Learn More

Items 1 to 25 of 58 total

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