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NFHS Legal

NFHS Specification Heads

These Heads are legal for NFHS (High School/Middle School/Youth) Play Only.

You can select a Factory Strung Head, Unstrung Head, or have us Custom String one for you.

If you buy a head and a handle, you will receive a 10% discount.


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  1. Brine Clutch 4 HS Unstrung Head

    Clutch 4 Unstrung Head

    The best just got better.

    Patented Vari-Flex™ technology: Stiffer materials inserted into strategic sections of the head control flex to adapt to multiple playing styles & conditions
    Vari-Flex™ core helps the head maintain stiffness in hotter weather conditions
    Strategic Core-Tech™ eliminates excess weight and adds stiffness to strategic areas of the head for more accuracy and control Learn More

  2. Brine King HS Unstrung Head

    Brine King HS Unstrung

    The Perfect Channel:
    1. Flat scoop delivers max tension across the top of mesh

    2. Face shape & sidewall flare create an angle interacting with flat scoop tension that is perfect for cinching down sidewalls to develop a natural, precision shooting channel

    3. The perfect channel means increased ball control and an incredibly consistent release point on every shot

    Face length is longer than standard lacrosse heads, giving the ball better transition time out of the pocket and increased shot power
    The new Strategic Core-TechTM sidewall design is built for maximum stability for increased accuracy
    New throat construction eliminates excess weight in the head while transferring stability from throat to the sidewalls for better ball control
    Maximum string holes for limitless stringing options
    Suggested stringing for a mid-pocket Perfect Channel: Learn More

  3. Warrior Rabil 2 Unstrung Head

    Rabil 2 Head Only

    Designed and developed with the best all-around player in the game , Warrior Pro Paul Rabil
    NEW Sym-Rail Twist provides even greater precision sidewall engineering to maintain stiffness while providing the lowest possible weight
    Max string holes for high pocket shot power Learn More

  4. Warrior Rabil Lacrosse head

    Warrior Rabil Lacrosse head

    Out of stock

    Warrior Rabil X Men's Lacrosse Head

    * Compliant under NFHS rules

    * Signature power, speed and accuracy from the best player in the world.

    * Up your impact with his signature Rabil head, featuring maximum TruOffset for increased pocket depth and blazingly powerful shots, and a narrow face shape that delivers superior shooting and passing accuracy.

    * The maximum TruOffset™ design coupled with the long bottom sidewall rail curve creates the perfect pocket release, giving you more velocity on your shot.

    Want to Customize your head with a custom stringing? Click Here

    Manufacturer's 6-Month Limited Warranty

    Learn More

  5. Warrior Regulator HS Unstrung Head

    Regulator HS Unstrung

    New patent pending LOC-Throat eliminates shaft rattle & adds stability
    Mid-high sidewall transition for higher pocket placement & shot power
    Sym-Rail design eliminates excess weight & provides maximum stiffness Learn More

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