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Men's Handles

Men's Lacrosse Handles


Attack/Midfield, Defense or Goalie, we have shaft options for you.

From Aluminum to Titanium, and everything in between.

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If you buy a head and a handle, you will receive a 10% discount.

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  1. C-12 Mens Lacrosse Handle

    C-12 Dirty Lacrosse Handles

    C-12 Men's Lacrosse Hanldes

    "Our High Performance Line. The best of the best."

  2. Made specifically for the Attackman that wants the strongest, and lightest, shaft in the game.

  3. Dodge, Shoot, Pass and Run through checks like never before.

  5. Made for those middies that go both ways.

  6. Lay a good hard check on somebody's gloves, then head down field and score at will.

  7. Made to be played from one end to the other.

  8. LSM:
  9. The best athlete on the field needs the best, lightest and strongest shaft ever made.

  10. Throw checks with lightening speed, the hop into the offense to shoot and score with confidence.

  11. CLOSE "D":
  12. Drop your shaft on someone's gloves or deliver that game changing hit.

  13. Finally you will feel at ease, as you can keep your shaft straight.

  14. GOALIE:
  15. "Lightest, strongest Goalie Shaft on the market."

  16. "Warning - extreme reaction speed increase likely."


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