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From small liners to the ultimate protection.


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  1. Easton Stealth Shoulder Pad

    Easton Stealth Shoulder Pad

    * Low profile design with high-density foam impact protection in critical regions

    * Split shoulder cap design allows for maximum range of motion for player's shoulders and arms

    * Removable upper arm pad to protect gaps between arm pad and shoulder joint

    * Airflow Release Channel (ARC)™ technology creates interior ventilation, optimizing the release of body heat

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  2. Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pad

    This brand new MAVERIK innovation contours to your body like no other pad on the market.
    •  Ergonomically designed to create realfeel
    •  DuraStretch technology offers protection and creates more channels for air flow
    •  Interior raised padding lining to minimize touch points on the skin.
    •  Adjustable collar bone protection for customized fit
    •  Straps don’t dangle so you can put your gear on yourself – because a real MAVERIK doesn’t need help dressing

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  3. Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pads

    Maverik Rome NXT shoulder pads

    Maverik Rome NXT Shoulder Pads

    Pushes the limit of protection and innovation, takes the beating and keeps you moving

    Shark Gel

    Durastretch Learn More

  4. Maverik Rome Shoulder Pads

    Rome Shoulder Pads

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    Maverik Rome Shoulder Pads

    Like the rest of the Rome line, the Rome Shoulder Pad is the peak of Maverik innovation, design and player insight.

    By far our lightest, toughest, most formfitting shoulder pad, the Rome features DuraStretch fibers for unrestricted flex and airflow while XFoam provides armor-like protection without adding weight.

    It’s all-field performance to the Maximus.

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  5. Maverik Rome Speed Shoulder Pads

    Rome Speed Shoulder Pads

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    Rome Speed Pad

    The Rome Speed Pad gives you every innovation in the Maverik playbook without making you feel like you’re lugging it all at once.

    With a slimmed down design, the Rome lets you charge the field freely and fearlessly, knowing you’ve got the ultimate weapon on your side—speed.

    And while power is important, speed kills.

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  6. Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder Pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder pads

    Maverik Wonderboy Shoulder Pads

    Great protection without the bulkiness Learn More

  7. STX Assault Shoulder Pads

    STX Assault Shoulder Pads- Front

    The next generation of High Def padding


    • High Def™ Polymer doesn’t soak up rain or sweat – keeps pad ultra-lightweight throughout the game

    • New multi-dimension design provides freedom of movement and enhanced upward mobility

    • Moisture-wicking mesh liner for unmatched comfort

    • No stink! High Def™ Polymer naturally defends against odors

    • Adjustable/removable bicep pads

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  8. STX Cell III Shoulder Pad

    STX Cell III Shoulder Pad - Front

    isoBLOX™ technology delivers protection and complete range-of-motion along chest, back and shoulders

    Low profile shoulder cap design built with isoBLOX™ for added flexibility

    Adjustable/removable bicep pads
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  9. STX Shadow Shoulder Pads

    STX Shadow Shoulder Pads

    Out of stock

    *       Low profile design provides maximum freedom of movement.

    *       Adjustable shoulder caps for precision fit.

    *       Stretch zones allow the upper body to move freely.

    *       Removable upper deltoid pads use spandex sleeve for improved comfort and fit.

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