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  1. Brine Accessory Pack

    Brine Accessory Pack - Columbia Blue

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price: $5.00

    The Brine Accessory pack includes the following:
    1 - Sphere End Knob
    2 - Two Stick Rings
    3 - Sweat Band
    4 - Headband
    5 - Brine Sticker
    Learn More

  2. Brine Hypersonic Molded Cleat

    Brine Hypersonic Molded Cleat

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $25.00

    Lightest Lacrosse cleat on the market.
    Molded bottom with optimal cleat placement for traction at all foot strike angles.
    Middle cut. Learn More

  3. Jen Levy DVD

    Jen Levy DVD

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price: $20.00

    Girls lacrosse skills and drills DVD featuring Jenny Levy.
    Division 1 quality instruction for: Cradling - Dodging and Movement - Passing & Catching - Ground Balls - Shooting Learn More

  4. Offensive Wizardry DVD

    Offensive Wizardry DVD

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price: $20.00

    Mark Millon teaches his offensive secrets, fundamentals, mechanics, and drills for improving stick skills, stick protection, shooting and dodging. Learn More

  5. TAPOUT Power Band


    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $15.00

    Tapout Power Bands promote athletic performance by improving Strength, Energy, Power, Flexibility and Endurance.

    •Engineered with powerful magnetic holograms that react with your own body's positive energy

    •Your body’s energy field interacts with the magnetic frequency embedded within the hologram and improves energy flow throughout your body

    •Helps to increase flexibility and strength by maintaining your body’s blood flow.

    •Aids in balance and equilibrium

    •100% Synthetic silicone rubber can be worn at all times

    •Sold in packs of two

    Size Chart:
    Small - 16.0 cm
    Medium - 17.5cm
    Large - 19.0cm Learn More

  6. Warrior Molded Low Speed Cleat

    Warrior Molded Low Speed Cleat

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price: $25.00

    Lightweight molded TPU outsole,
    14 cleat spread, and a performance synthetic upper with mesh tongue. Learn More

  7. WARRIOR Shooter Bag

    Warrior Shooter Bag

    Regular Price: $11.00

    Special Price: $7.50

    Warrior's new shooter bag allows players to practice their shot without having to worry about breaking things, or chasing the ball. Attaches to most Attack and Defensive heads.

    Learn More

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