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A complete list of accessories that you might need before you head on to the field.

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  1. STX Men's End Cap

    STX Men's End Cap

    STX Men's End Cap

    Cover the end of you shaft with style.

    Fits most shafts.

    Learn More

  2. Mouthguard


    With or Without Strap.
    Multiple Colors Available
    Boil for Custom Molded Fit. Learn More

  3. Shock Doctor Anti-Microbial Mouthguard Case

    Shock Doctor Anti-Microbial Mouthguard Case

    Out of stock

    Heavy-duty, ventilated case with athletic bag attachment system provides secure, clean storage for your mouthguard.

    (1) CARABINER CLIP attaches easily to your athletic bag
    (2) VENTILATED CASE promotes fast drying
    (3) ANTI-BACTERIAL TREATMENT provides clean storage of your mouthguard
    Learn More

  4. Tapout Mouthguard Carrying Case

    TapouT Mouthguard Carrying Case

    Made from high impact resin.

    Anti-Microbial carrying case.

    Carries two guards and two straps. Learn More

  5. Roll of Colored Pre-Wrap


    Foam underwrap helps protect skin from tape chaffing.
    Wrap up your hair to colorfuly keep it out of your way. Learn More

  6. Roll of Colored Athletic Tape

    Roll of Colored Athletic Tape

    Great for wrapping your ankles or your stick for grip.
    1 1/2" x 12 1/2 yds.
    Bleached 100% cotton backcloth.
    Colorfast dyes will not bleed. Learn More

  7. Howie's Hockey Tape

    Howies Hockey Tape

    Premiere Colored Tape:
    Colored Cloth 1” x 25yd
    Available in White, Royal and Navy

    Learn More

  8. Brine Accessory Pack

    Brine Accessory Pack - Columbia Blue

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price: $5.00

    The Brine Accessory pack includes the following:
    1 - Sphere End Knob
    2 - Two Stick Rings
    3 - Sweat Band
    4 - Headband
    5 - Brine Sticker
    Learn More

  9. Brine Women's End Cap

    Brine Women's End Cap

    Fits Women's diameter handles.
    Light Blue, Pink, White, Black or Green.
    Learn More

  10. STX Women's End Cap

    STX Women's End Cap

    Cover the end of your shaft in color and style.

    Learn More

  11. Soft Practice Ball

    Soft Practice Ball

    Out of stock

    Description: Soft Lacrosse Ball. Great for indoor use, or training aide. You get the feel of learning how to catch, without worrying about getting hurt (or breaking a window).
    White or Pink Learn More

  12. Official Game Ball


    Official Lacrosse Ball.
    Learn More

  13. Indoor Low-Bounce Ball

    Indoor Low-Bounce Ball

    Hard Ball that is deadened for little to no bounce. Perfect for those rainy days when you have to practice inside. Learn More

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