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Women's Lacrosse Sticks

All sticks listed on this page are Complete Sticks, unless otherwise specified.

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  1. Debeer Fierce Complete Stick

    Debeer Fierce

    Out of stock

    Features the patented Gripper Pro pocket for improved ball control and enhanced pocket shape
    Lower sidewall allows for increased pocket depth
    Improved ground attack angle, in the scop, for better ground ball pick up
    Radical sideawll design for improved ball control and pocket formation
    Patent pending recessed lace channels for improved durability
    Traditional offset design helps lower center of gravity for improved cradling ability
    Maximum ball stop height for easy catch and cradling
    Recessed sidewall stringing holes helps pocket swivel, which improves control and accuracy
    Meet USL specifications Learn More

  2. Debeer NV3 Complete Stick

    Debeer NV3

    Out of stock

    Traditional offset sidewall provides great feel and control
    Patent pending recessed lace channels prevents wear on the top lace while improves ease of scooping
    6.5 degree raised ball stop improves control, ball retention, and catching ability
    Maximum travel creates a large pocket depth for improved control
    Complete stick comes with deBeer's revolutionary gripper pocket that offers unmatched performance benefits
    Meets USL specifications Learn More

  3. DeBeer Rapture Head

    DeBeer Rapture

    Legal For Play: USLTM

    • Narrow scoop that increases velocity and accuracy

    • Low sidewall for increased pocket depth

    • Notched sidewall increases pocket movement and ball control

    Learn More

  4. DeBeer Trinity Complete Stick

    DeBeer Trinity

    Large catching area helps newer players learn to catch.
    Learn More

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